live documentary

Friday 14th & Saturday 15th September, 2018

The Studio @ DCTV

Here’s what people said:

“It was provocative, extremely upsetting, and deeply vulnerable — and it was GOOD ART.”

“(Next day) I’m still traumatized and can’t stop replaying it in my head. It was what I was hoping for, something that challenges me and makes me feel uncomfortable, though after the show I ate nearly a pint of ice cream.”

“I felt like I was part of a horrible social experiment, and the test was to see who would intervene and stop this shit.”

“I went outside with my friends to discuss whether we should ‘pull the plug on this guy’, like literally pull the power and shut this down.”

“Very disturbing … though I know that he is not doing this kind of work to 'shock', and that he truly believes in it.”

"I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t mean it, and I don’t say this to people, but I think he may be an artistic genius.”

“Brave … very, very … brave.”

“Premature, poorly executed, and selfish. He subjected the audience to cruelty, it was fucked up.” (… Then follow up two months later by same person … ) “What I never said is: he is a true artist. The real deal. An amazing writer and performer. I root for an awesome new version of the piece. The idea is brilliant.”

"I think he pulled it off … but maybe we wish he hadn’t."

Why did I put myself through this? Was it a good or a bad thing I did, making so many people feel that terribly — enough that a good third of the audience walked out? Well, at least money was raised! $466 raised for the LEFSA organization, helping NYC homeless, many people victims of domestic abuse, and must be noted: a third of NYC homeless are children.